Product Disclosures

These disclosures are in accordance with California Assembly Bill No. 1200 (AB1200).

Designed with care for high performance and lasting durability, all of Circulon's nonstick cookware and bakeware includes a surface finish containing PTFE, a non-reactive substance widely recognized for its superior nonstick properties and ability to withstand high temperatures.

Our cookware, bakeware and kitchenware products may also contain:

Material DTSC Authoritative Lists for Reference

Fluoropolymer, PTFE, FEP, PFA (PFAS)

CECBP - Priority Chemicals


ATSDR Neurotoxicants; CA MCLs; CWA 303(d)

Chromium Compounds

CA TACs; CDC 4th National Exposure Report; CWA 303(d); OEHHA RELs


CDC 4th National Exposure Report; CWA 303(c); CWA 303(d); OEHHA RELs


ATSDR Neurotoxicants; CA NLs; CA TACs; CDC 4th National Exposure Report; CWA 303(d); IRIS Neurotoxicants; OEHHA RELs

Nickel and nickel Compounds

CA TACs; CWA 303(c); CWA 303(d); IARC Carcinogens - 1; IRIS Carcinogens - A; NTP 13th RoC - known; OEHHA RELs; Prop 65


CA TACs; CWA 303(d)

For more information on the chemicals relevant to CA AB1200, please visit the DTSC website.