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Nicole Cook

Nicole Cook

Nicole Cook is a freelance writer and blogger. She is the primary voice behind Daily Dish Recipes, a food blog started in 2005, dedicated to family style meals and feeding hungry teenagers, of which she has 5. She talks about saving money in the kitchen, growing your own food, simple recipes, menu planning and more.

Nicole became a food writer in 2003, shortly after she moved back to her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, where she currently resides. She began blogging in 2004 with a Frugal Living blog to share her general love of saving money on food, recipes and family cooking, as well as to share tips on saving money on groceries, food preparation and kitchen products. A year later, in 2005, Daily Dish Recipes was born.

Nicole's style of cooking is simple, down home, feel good family food. 95% of the recipes found on Daily Dish Recipes are made from scratch, with mostly all natural ingredients and fresh produce.