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Liz Della Croce

Liz Della Croce

Liz Della Croce

Liz Della Croce is the creator and author of The Lemon Bowl, a healthy food blog. Since 2010, Liz has been creating delicious recipes using real ingredients with an emphasis on seasonality. Liz has appeared live on the TODAY Show and tapes regular cooking segments for her local NBC and ABC affiliate stations.  Liz’s recipes and food photography have been featured in various publications including Shape Magazine, Food Network blog, Real Simple, The Cooking Channel, TODAY Food and more.

Through healthy eating and regular exercise, Liz has successfully achieved a personal weight loss milestone and has a passion for helping others reach similar goals. New in 2013, Liz launched Healthy Habits, a feature on The Lemon Bowl where her loyal readers and growing audience can find practical advice, resources and information on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Liz graduated from Boston University with a degree in Hospitality Administration and a minor in Marketing Management.

She and her husband reside in Grand Rapids, MI along with their two young boys.

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